The sizes below are for the images; paper sizes are somewhat larger.

  Image Size Price  
  5" X 7 1/2" $25  
  6 2/3" X 10" $40  
  10" X 15" $90  
  12" X 18" $130  
  16" X 24" $230  
  20" X 30" $360  

A small charge will also be added for shipping.


Payment Processing

All payments are processed by PayPal at the PayPal website. This site neither collects nor saves customers' credit card information.


What You Get

The images seen on this site, which are compressed and displayed at perhaps 72 pixels per inch, cannot adequately replicate the high quality of the prints for sale, which are printed at 1440 dots per inch and which possess notable clarity and sharpness. You can read more about the artistic and technical quality of the images in the Artist's Statement. Below is information about how the images are printed.

The photographs are printed on an Epson Stylus Pro 4000 or 9600 using genuine Epson UltraChrome inks. All but the largest size are printed on Epson Enhanced Matte paper. Wilhelm Imaging Research has rated this combination of ink and paper to last 76 years under ordinary glass, and 155 years under glass that filters out ultraviolet rays. The largest size is printed on Somerset Velvet paper, on which a picture should last 62 years under ordinary glass; 124 years, under UV glass.

The photographs are unmounted, unmatted, and unframed so you can choose materials according to your own taste. We recommend that you have the pictures dry-mounted on acid-free foamcore or mounting board. Also choose an acid-free matte and a frame that complement your photograph.

Most sizes will be shipped in a mailing tube. After your photograph arrrives, you may flatten it by allowing it to lie on a flat surface for a couple of days. Or you can roll it up in reverse and put a weak rubber band or two around it for a shorter time. Mounting, of course, will immediately flatten the photograph.

The copyrights for the images on this site belong to Robert Koch. A customer buys prints only. Reproduction of any prints or of any images on this site is strictly prohibited.